Luxury Weddings


We design and produce luxury weddings globally exceeding expectations across the board. The way we differ from other producers is found within your story. No two Stories are the same and we believe your wedding shouldn’t be either. Your journey to each other, to this special day you are about to plan, is the Story we want to tell on your wedding day in the most spectacular fashion. As we intertwine your past with your present, suddenly your Love Story becomes the magic of your wedding day. Your wedding will tell your Story, a dossier of your lives and how you came together and united in your love. Our checklist doesn’t begin until we have your Storia! We work solely in the luxury wedding & event planning sector 

where only the best will do.

What were your favorite movies growing up, your favorite childhood memories, your favorite places to vacation with your family? What are your favorite foods to eat and restaurants to visit? Where have you vacationed together in the past and what memories do you cherish from those trips? Tell us about your first date and when you first said “I love you” and of course the day you got engaged. Using this Storybook of information, touching on every point of your journey, your guests will understand and enjoy the intimacy

of your union. 

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Custom Made Video Production